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Final Fantasy 10in10
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Fun final fantasy icontest with a twist.

Welcome to FF10in10, an icontest for people who love final fantasy and sometimes find 20in20 a bit too much.

Each round consists of 10 default icons which get updated each round.

Voting & Voting Rules
Voting will take place after submission date, and will be voting in categories.
Vote for your fave 3 icons in each category.
- No voting for yourself.
- No getting others to vote for you.

General Rules
- Stick to your categories.
- Must complete all 10 icons before posting.
- When posting post 3 icons as a teaser.
- Must use the tags given.
- You can use fake-cuts.
- You can use fanart as long as it is ok with the creator.

Affilate with us? Post in the F.A.Q Post.

Layout Credit: minty_peach